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In business practices, we cannot avoid that advertisings are badly needed for our business success. Advertisings are compulsory because they support and maintain our business growth. All of the professional business theories recommend a minimum 15% of business profits need to be spent in advertisings periodically in order to sustain and to strengthen the brand image of the business. Thus, some of appropriate advertising medias need to be selected carefully in terms of their credibility, quality, market segments, positioning, reasonable price, number of copies and their distribution coverage.

Because we know all of the above expectations. In that case, "yes" BALI PAGES is the right choice to answer all of your advertising goals. Exist as a professional, credible and internationally well known advertising media, "yes" BALI PAGES also read by the most potential market segments with have high purchasing money power locally, nationally, and internationally around the world. The readers of "yes" BALI PAGES consist of Business People, Expatriate Communities, Tourist, International Buyer, Local Entrepreneur, and many more.

Bali is also a window of the world. Once you advertise your business in "yes" BALI PAGES, your business automaticall will be exposed around the world, not only locally or nationally.

"yes" BALI PAGES is a free distributed entertainment newspaper, high quality, full colour, and published monthly. It is distributed in hundreds of prestigious spots such as Airports, Hotels, Caf├ęs, Restaurants, Villas, Supermarkets, Fashion Outlets, Spa, Business Lounges, etc.

In addition of those prestigious spots, a full piece E-PAPER of "yes" BALI PAGES can also be obtained around the world by DOWNLOADING from our widely known website

"yes" BALI PAGES has become a permanent guide for most business people and international buyers around the world who want to up date with informations of export products, and other businesses in Bali and Indonesia.

Besides, "yes" BALI PAGES also often officially appointed to support major international events in Bali.

Due to "yes" BALI PAGES fulfill all criterias needed as a professional, credible, internationally well known advertising media, "yes" BALI PAGES is very suitable become your first priority in choosing advertising media before any other media. It is absolutely can efficiently well spent of your ads budget and still achieve maximum result to achieve greater success. Thank you for your attention, and hoping to hear from you soon.

About the Expatriate Communities in Bali :

it is estimated that there are more than tens of thousands expatriates living full or part-time in Bali (while no one, including the government, has the exact records). The reasons they are in Bali including owning a business (hotel, restaurant, spa, export business, etc), employed in some medium and big company, being an exporter (export Indonesian products to some countries), and people who are retired here (buy a house and spend the rest of their life in Bali). They bring their families here and register their children in international schools that are expatriate administered and teach only in English, French, Japanese, etc. Also a lot of expatriate's friends and their families from overseas come here as tourist on vacation. There are also many foreign or expatriate community groups in Bali.